Artist statement


 Since I first visited México, January 2013, I felt a strong visual impact in this endless country, almost a continent, so rich in  Arts and Crafts, so many different cultures going on, such a great energy. The contrast between modernity and tradition also amazed me. When I started travelling around a little (you will never get to know this country completely, endless task) the diversity of Peoples, colours, landscapes, scents… were an enormous source of inspiration.



Coming from a Theatre and Film Design background, I learned long ago to look at Nature and Fine Arts  as reliable sources of inspiration. In México, Nature, Arts and alive Traditions, explode all in a way that is simply stunning. The immense textile richness of this country is an expression of  the different visions about the World and the Cosmos by its diversity of cultures and communities. It is almost impossible to remain neutral while immersed in this powerful visual and emotional  turmoil.

2014-04-14 16.10.31-305

2014-04-14 16.10.31-299 Tejidos de gasa en telar

2014-04-14 16.10.31-157 - copia

Bordados en lana de San Cristóbalde las Casas, Chiapas

What I want is to create, step by step, (SLOWLY) a collection of pieces of Wearable & Home Art. Unique Pieces, inspired both in Tradition and Modernity, both in Nature and Urban landscapes and processes.

On the other side of things, in a city like México D. F. the ideas of WASTE and POLLUTION became overwhelming to me, even more than they never did before. So I felt the strong need to do something in order to “feel”  I am fighting somehow this madness the world seems to be going into.

And here is where the idea of  SLOW comes into the game. We live a life that, most of the time, is not even OURS. We are made to believe we need things all the time that we really don’t. We are encouraged to produce more and more waste, and to accept pollution and destruction as required in order to get some “progress”. We work hard, and keep running as headless chickens, so we can afford to get more goods (most of them of a low quality and made by means of others hardship), more status, more power. To my vision, what we are really getting is less power over our own lives and a progressive impoverishment and degradation of our lives and our surroundings.

What I believe is that we only NEED a few items that fulfill our REAL needs and, if they are truly durable and beautiful, they will help to make us happy for a long, long time






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