yellow and green shibori

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This is the concluding post of my dye experiment using tansy flowers. See my previous posts: “yellow from my dye pot, and mordant testing on tansy dye bath.”  For this part of the experiment,  I started with two silk scarves that were previously dyed yellow with tansy. These scarves were then over-dyed with indigo, which resulted in a beautiful forest green background. The yellow pattern is a result of using two different Shibori resist techniques (Nui, and Itajime) of folding, creasing, stitching and shaped resist-dyeing before dipping into the indigo vat.

A brief description about the different techniques. Nui Shibori designs are created by hand stitching in a straight, curved, or parallel lines on the fabric; the stitching is then drawn together and secured tightly before it is dyed. The folds and creases of cloth between the gathers form a resist from being dyed. This technique is a little time-consuming, but…

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