Invitation to an evening of celebrating at Kilkenny Arts Festival

Nicola Brown Fine Art Textiles

It’s difficult to keep up with everything online right now. So many exciting things are happening all at once and I’m also busy doing my bit to make sure that the ‘FORM Designmade in Carlow’ pop up shop in Kilkenny is manned and stocked. Please come along on Thursday night to help us celebrate out second year of participation in the Kilkenny Arts Festival, we’ll have drinks and nibbles from 5.30pm and its a great chance to meet fellow makers and group members!

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yellow and green shibori

Obovate Designs™

This is the concluding post of my dye experiment using tansy flowers. See my previous posts: “yellow from my dye pot, and mordant testing on tansy dye bath.”  For this part of the experiment,  I started with two silk scarves that were previously dyed yellow with tansy. These scarves were then over-dyed with indigo, which resulted in a beautiful forest green background. The yellow pattern is a result of using two different Shibori resist techniques (Nui, and Itajime) of folding, creasing, stitching and shaped resist-dyeing before dipping into the indigo vat.

A brief description about the different techniques. Nui Shibori designs are created by hand stitching in a straight, curved, or parallel lines on the fabric; the stitching is then drawn together and secured tightly before it is dyed. The folds and creases of cloth between the gathers form a resist from being dyed. This technique is a little time-consuming, but…

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